Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wall Cloths with an Embroidery Machine

 To get started: Hoop thin Batting sandwiched between backing fabric and front background fabric.

Step 1: Lay sky fabric over area to be stitched. Let machine stitch the outline then do stars and sky swirl details.

Step 2: Detatch hoop from arms, leaving fabric tightly hooped.  Trim away excess fabric. Replace hoop into arms of machine.

Step 3:  Lay star fabric over star area to be stitched. Let it stitch only the star.  Let embroidery machine stitch star light and Bethlehem.

Step 4:  Move away any excess fabric and lay desert fabric over that area. Stitch the ground outline and detatch the hoops from arms - leave it hooped still.

Step 5:  Trim away excess fabric from star and desert. Re-attach hoop to machine and let it finish.

Step 6:  Unhoop. Trim background down leaving enough excess for 1/2" seams all around. Bind with contrasting 2" border. Tabs for hanging are 2"x6" strips.

Embroidery design:

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